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CURVWAY - Surf électrique tout-terrain - Marie-Louise - Jumeaux TT.RW2
  • Order, delivery time, after sales service, warranty
    The delivery time depends on the stock. If the products are in stock, they are delivered in 72 hours. Otherwise 3 months maximum. The after sales service is very simple for CURVWAY boards. All spare parts are stored near Lyon, which allows us to be as reactive as possible in case of need. It is possible to change any part with a set of Allen keys, except the wheels which require two flat keys. Nothing more. It is possible to change any part in 15 minutes maximum. The legal warranty runs for two years.
  • Returns and refunds
    Contact us.
  • What colors are available? Is it possible to have a custom color?
    There are several colors to choose from. There are possibilities of personalization. Contact us for a quote.
  • Comment stocker ma planche Classic
    La Classic peut se stocker à la verticale, ce qui vous permet de la ranger dans un placard, sous des escaliers, dans le coin d'une pièce...
  • Technical questions
    Is the cable disturbing? It is a reinforced sheath with a braided sheath that integrates the hydraulic brake hose, an electric cable and an anti-snagging cable. The whole gives a semi rigid sheath, which allows not to have it floating and, at the same time, serves to keep all the freedom of the hand. No, the cable is not disturbing, forget it from the first minute.
  • Quelles sont les principales différences entre la Tout-Terrain et la Classic ?
    First their favorite playground, both boards were designed for use in very different environments then: - The Urban is more compact, lighter, and closer to a skateboard than the All-Terrain is and is therefore easily portable at home, on the stairs or in the elevator. - The All-Terrain has foot pegs, a hydraulic disc brake and suspension, the Urban has no foot pegs or suspension and is stopped by regenerative braking powerful enough in the city. - The Urbaine is controlled by a Bluetooth remote control while the All-Terrain has a hand-held throttle and brake control connected to the board by a cable. Come test both and make your choice 😁 !
  • What tools are needed to maintain the board?
    A set of Allen wrenches and 2 open-end or eye wrenches for the wheels. That's all you need.
  • Can I use Curvway in the city?
    Yes, CURVWAY boards are compatible with the Highway Code. They are included in the legislation for Motorized Personal Displacement Equipment (MPDE) like electric scooters for example. They are also insured as any MPDE (
  • Can we drive in a straight line?
    Of course it is. CURVWAY boards are as maneuverable as a bike with the advantage of not having handlebars which makes it easier to get around. They have a turning radius similar to that of a bike and can, of course, go straight.
  • How fast can you drive? With what precautions? Can you hurt yourself?
    At 25 km/h As specified by the Highway Code. As in any sport, the risk of falling is to be considered. Please note that the feet are not attached, you can practice with or without foot braces. If you use a foot brace, your feet remain absolutely free to go out at any time and do not get stuck underneath. In the vast majority of cases, this allows the rider to eject from the vehicle if necessary and stay on his feet. Like with a skateboard for example. We strongly recommend the systematic use of a helmet (legally required outside the cities) and the use of gloves and elbow pads. Knee pads are a plus.
  • Apprenticeship, is it complicated?
    The only condition to ride is to want to get on it! For someone used to board sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, etc., a few seconds will be enough. For those who are new to these sports, you will need to allow 10 min before going for a ride. 😁
  • Where to train?
    The ideal place for a learning phase is a parking lot. It allows new riders to get their bearings and become familiar with the board: no bumps, no holes, you can see well in front of you, you feel safe. Soon after, a flat grassy area will finish to make you feel confident.
  • Accident/Insurance Questions
    What to do in case of an accident? Exactly the same as with a bicycle, a cyclo or any motorized vehicle. For more details, contact your insurer. Do I need insurance? Yes. The Curvway board is classified as an EDPM (, so insurance is mandatory. We can advise you. Do the boards comply with the Highway Code? Yes, by design.
  • Do you have a user guide?
    Yes, you will find attached the video of learning how to use our boards.
  • Comment plier et déplier la planche ?
    Pour plier et déplier la planche tout terrain, vous trouverez ci-joint une vidéo d'explication.
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